Rebecca's letter for November

Saying thank you goes a long way

I understand saying thank you is good for your health! Apparently, it reduces stress, makes us hopeful and boosts our immune system.

I’ve just been reflecting on the story that Luke told in his gospel about the ten lepers whom Jesus healed from their disease, and of whom, only one came back to say thank you. The others we know nothing about. Presumably they went on their way rejoicing because of their healing.  The one who thanked Jesus was a Samaritan – someone who was an enemy of the Jews. He didn’t mind turning back to come and say thank you to the one who healed him.

His story is a summary of the Christian life. Christians are those who have recognised God at work in their lives; God has made a difference to their lives and they have noticed this, realised the effect of it, and turned round, come back to God and give thanks to God for Jesus and all he has done.

Then, in the story, Jesus tells the healed leper to Get up and go on your way. Your faith has made you well. (Luke 17 verse 19). Gratitude is an integral part of our faith. We’re not meant to keep this to ourselves, but share it with others. We give thanks to God for all that he has done for us in Jesus. If we don’t recognise what God has done for us and praise him and thank him, then what is our faith about?

This month, we shall be gathering on different occasions to say thank you. Thank you to God for those whom we have loved and have lost, those who have died recently or a long time ago, and whom we miss (at our Service of Thanksgiving for Loved ones who have died) and thank you to God for those who gave their lives, or suffered because of war or conflict (Remembrance Sunday).  Our country and our world depend on those who gave their lives so that we can live in peace.

So let us not waste any opportunity to thank the people in our lives for who they are, what they mean to us, and what they do for us. And show by our words and deeds, our gratitude to them and to God. It will lift our spirits, draw us close to God and it is good for our health!

With many thanks to you for reading this! Now go and do it!

Every blessing