A message from the worship team

A few years ago I was secretly rather pleased when I was asked to be Santa for the YMCA Pre-school. It was only when they said they asked me because they thought I was the right shape, that I felt somewhat deflated!

It was a lovely occasion, and such a pleasure to see the wide-eyed wonder on the faces of the small children as they received their gifts from Santa.

Fortunately, the staff had ensured the presents were suitably identified what was for girls and what was for boys, they also reserved a parking space for the sleigh and reindeers!

It has been often said “Christmas is a special time for children” and of course it is, particularly when they hear of the events of Christmas for the first time. Pauline Webb, the well-known author and broadcaster, on the staff of the World Council of Churches, tells of when she was visiting a church in Canada, where the children were taking part in a Nativity Play for the first time.

She asked one very excited little girl to explain the Christmas story to her, this she proceeded to do, going into detail about the journey to Bethlehem, the shepherds, the manger, and the wise men……suddenly she stopped, “Haven’t you heard this before? “Yes” replied Pauline, but not in the way you tell it”

We all need to hear the Christmas story afresh, with the sense of wonder of a child, perhaps a look into Luke’s Gospel will help us to do so, and also to consider what eventually happened to the child born in the manger, who was, as I heard recently “Greeted by Gold, Betrayed by Silver”.

The Ministry Team would like to wish you and yours a Peaceful Christmas and a Hopeful New Year.

Paul Harper