Prayer and Bible Study


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Home Bible Study Group

The 1st autumn session of Bible study will be looking at one of the books of the Old Testament. Starting on October 9th at the home of Viv and Gary Grief, 6 Paddock Close, Creech St Michael, phone 443036.

At our last meeting we thanked Michael and Hilary for their warm hospitality and guidance which helped us in continuing with the home study group. We have 2 homes available in Creech, is there anyone in Ruishton who would like to host one of the series of studies next year? If you are interested please contact– Mike Thomas 4 Vicarage Lawns, Ceech St Michael—phone 442435 email

Home Bible Study (Coffee / tea is always available from 10.15) Bible Study starts around 10.30am and we aim to end by 11.45.

Dates for this month are Monday October 9th and October 23rd.

We look forward to seeing you.

Morning Prayer in the Benefice

Morning Prayer is held at  8.30 am at Creech Parish Church on Mondays and Wednesdays, at Thornfalcon on Tuesdays and at Ruishton on Thursdays. This is a short, said service where we pray for the needs of our churches, communities and the world. Anyone is welcome to join us at any of these services.


I firmly believe that education doesn’t stop once we leave school. One of our Readers, Paul Harper, assures me that you are ‘never too old to learn’ and we are living proof of that in our benefice.  Below are the reflections of two people from our churches that have recently completed the Exploring Christianity Course.

‘Exploring Christianity is a Bath & Wells Diocese course for anyone who wishes to explore their faith. I had previously undertaken a Christian Basics course and a study course for my confirmation and felt that I wanted to continue to explore and develop my understanding of the history and context of my faith and the application and relevance of my faith today.

The course is six modules with each module taking ten weeks. At the end of the ten weeks there is the opportunity to complete an assignment. The modules were, Prayer and Spirituality, Exploring the Bible-The New Testament, Questions of faith, Reshaping Church, Exploring the Bible-Old Testament and Challenging Choices (Ethics).

What a journey!! It has been such a blessing to me to undertake this course…I have grown in faith and understanding through the material we have studied. I have wrestled with some issues that were new to me and were challenging to my faith.

Ultimately though it was the fellowship of those I studied alongside and the wonderful and knowledgeable tutors we had in Julia and Mike who expertly and gently guided us through many of the challenging subjects is what made this course so fulfilling. We were all different ages, professions, had different life experiences and were on different stages in our own personal journeys of faith. I remember worrying that first dark wet November evening when we met how we would ever gel as a group to explore some of the very emotive and personal topics that we would be covering. Yet quite simply I absolutely believe God had a plan. Every single person on the course had something unique and special to offer and the support and respect was immense, even when we differed on opinion or understanding of a topic. As the course came to an end I found myself saddened at the thought of not meeting with these wonderful people who I have come to know. Fortunately we have decided to keep meeting and have formed a book group.

So was it worth it? Would I do it again? Absolutely yes!! For the support, the fellowship, the knowledge and understanding, the growth, yes. It has been a wonderful two years; challenging, scary at times, but ultimately rewarding and life changing!’

Donna Nicholls

‘Over the 2 years as we studied and explored together I found my understanding of my faith deepened and broadened. I became more aware of how my own cultural background shapes my faith and my understanding of the Bible. We saw how over the centuries since our Bible was written and in different parts of the world people of many cultural backgrounds have sought to interpret the writings of the Bible and that there is room for a diversity of expression. We recognised that our ethical interpretation is inevitably shaped but the world in which we live. I think it enlarged my recognition of God who is beyond all things and incomprehensibly bigger than we understand.’

Jane Hempson-Brown

As you may be aware, we have also had five people complete the course to become lay pastoral assistants. The Diocese of Bath and Wells recognises all this wonderful learning by an annual Celebration Of Learning Service, which this year is at 3pm on 17th September in Wells Cathedral. So some of us will be taking the trip to Wells to support and celebrate with those who have completed courses. If you cannot come to the service do think of them and pray for all who have been learning, that they might now be able to put this into practice in their daily lives.

Julia Curtis


Prayer cards are available in St. Michael’s Church. 

If you would like a prayer said for someone or for a particular situation then please write the details on a card and place it in the locked box. 

The prayers will be included in the next service of Holy Communion.