Caring for each other

Dear friends,

I hope you are all well and are able to stay warm. My wife and I begin this new month with a new appreciation for home heating.

The Rectory enjoys solar panels and heat source pumps that are designed to extract heat from the air. When they work, they work quite well, albeit not very efficiently, proving quite expensive. When they don’t work, as with any other type of heating, its freezing when its cold! Our Heat Pumps stopped working in December. We are hopeful that this will be replaced by the end of the month??? Which of course this year being a leap year, will be a day longer.

I share this to connect with those of whom, heating is a constant struggle, and for those who can barely afford to stay warm and then those who simply have no chance of staying warm at all. We have oiled filled radiators and an open fire to help. We are doing just fine.

February is the month to ‘get through’ here in cold UK anyway. It’s a time when its mostly cold and dark. Yet it’s also a time that, for many, brings with it hope. February sees St. Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday and in most years, the beginning of Lent with Ash Wednesday. That happens to be on St. Valentine’s Day this year. The name of February comes from the Latin word “februum,” which means purification. And again, for many of us with faith, the season of Lent is a time of purification, whether that’s from alcohol, caffeine, sweet treats or something else? It’s a time when we remember especially and with intention, the hope we have found in Christ that’s to the faith we share. It is that hope I wish to remind you of as we enter this dark and cold month. The Sun and the Son is coming!

I extend last month’s invitation to come to church once again, our regular events are all back and running, such as our Pop-Up, Warm Space and Coffee Stop. We also have a full social calendar with events each month to join in with, from a meal out, to skittles evenings, from crafting events to trips out. 

One of the many joys of being part of a Christian community, is how we care for each other, our events certainly form part of that care. Another way we show care is by keeping an eye on each other. We do that best with our Pastoral team of visitors. When we learn of someone who is unwell or going through a tough time, we like to offer support and prayers.

Sadly, we often miss the opportunity to support or pray you because we simply don’t know you're missing from church or that you are unwell. We usually find out after the events. Being a Benefice, that three Church Buildings with one, transient, congregation, comes with many benefits, and challenges, one of which being it can take a good number of weeks before we realize someone is missing due to an issue, rather than away on a holiday or just enjoying a Sunday at home, we are all entitled to a lazy weekend when we can. My point being, we care, and wish to care. So if you are unwell and would like a visit, some shopping, prayer or simply just to be thought of. Please, please call the Church Office, send in an email or ask a friend to let us know. We would truly wish to know and show our support in whatever way we can.

I wish you all a wonderful Lent and I look forward to Celebrating the Joy of Easter and the Hope that brings!

Revd. Lee


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