Happy Easter,

Just a note to say how wonderful it was to journey through Holy Week and Easter in my first year with you.

We particularly enjoyed watching the Sunrise over our Benefice. Almost thirty of us gathered at the top of the Thornfalcon clump for a simple service of prayer and song, welcoming Christ, the light of the world, represented by the sunrise, the first light of Easter. We were welcomed with the lighting of the beacon, lit for us by Ian Small.

I hope and pray that you all have had and continue to have a joyful Easter Season.

With all Blessings

Revd. Lee

Enjoy a few Photos from Lent, Holy week and Easter.














Manna Mail from The Diocese of Bath and Wells

A safer church for all

How can we build a safer church for all together? In Bath and Wells, safeguarding children and adults who may be vulnerable to abuse or harm is a priority. We have a network of safeguarding officers in churches across the diocese. They are supported by a team of safeguarding professionals, who have experience in the probation, police and prison services.

Along with the rest of the Church of England, a comprehensive, independent review of past safeguarding cases was undertaken in Bath and Wells in 2020. The Church of England will be publishing the results of the review soon and alongside that we will be sharing our action plan to address those areas highlighted in the report as needing improvement.

Bishop Ruth says, “I am deeply grateful and humbled by all survivors who have stepped forward to expose the failings of the past. Their bravery has allowed us to make the improvements in our procedures and behaviours that we have made - and continue to make, but we know there is no place for complacency.”

Everyone involved in church life should know what to do in situations where a child, young person or vulnerable adult may have been harmed. Each parish or benefice should have in place a safeguarding person who knows how to respond and where to seek further help and advice.

Anyone who wishes to report abuse or exploitation needs to know that they can do so and receive the support they need.

Find out more about Safeguarding in Bath and Wells at, including training and how to report a safeguarding concern

A time of hope

After two years of living with a pandemic, churches across Somerset are preparing for what is hoped to be a return to marking Holy Week in a more usual way.

For the newly designated Taunton Minster, St Mary Magdalene, it will be the first it marks as a Minster, and for its vicar, Tobie Osmond, it will be the first full Holy Week during which he can welcome people to the church in person since taking up the post more than two years ago.

He says, “I am sure I am not alone in feeling that it will be good to have somewhat close to a ‘normal’ Holy Week, even though it won’t be completely the same as prior to the pandemic. After various services and activities throughout the week we’ll be having a sunrise service on Easter Sunday at 6am, followed by breakfast, and I am sure Easter eggs will feature in our service later in the morning. It will still be a hybrid offering as there are some who still feel unable to return to church, which is completely understandable, and it is important they can still join with us online.”

While a return to ‘normal’ is the hope, Tobie also recognises the positives from the changes wrought by the pandemic. He says, “By sharing our services online we are also able to reach out to people not just in Taunton, but around the world. We regularly have people join us from Zambia, our partner diocese, also Canada, South Africa and Australia.”

The church was formally designated as a Minister by Bishop Ruth on Sunday, 13 March. She said, “This new designation comes when Taunton, like the rest of the UK, is dealing with the challenge of recovering from the Covid pandemic, but it is also a time of hope and positivity for the future.”