New Children’s Worker

Hello, I’m Donna Nicholls and I am delighted to have taken up my role as Children’s, Families and Schools Worker in our parishes!

I have lived in both Ruishton and Creech St Michael for the past 19 years with my husband and our family. My three children have attended both of the local primary schools, with my youngest son still a pupil at Creech St. Michael.

I am excited to be joining in the work with the schools and churches to come alongside the young people and families in our community to support and empower them to flourish and grow.

Over the coming months I will be seeking to engage with the community and prayerfully establish what great things God is already doing in our community and how we can support and answer His call to love and serve everyone, especially the young people in our communities and schools!

My contact details:

07946 196719

Donna Nicholls

Environmentally friendly shopping

As we all try to do our bit towards being more eco-friendly I wonder how many people have discovered the Lesser Litter shop for zero waste shopping opposite Taunton library? Although it does take a little pre-planning to take my own containers, I do find it well worth the effort. The staff are extremely helpful and you can just buy the amounts you need (especially useful for spices or other small amounts). They sell dried goods, including cereals, pasta, rice, baking ingredients as well as cooking oil, juice, cleaning products and toiletries and much more besides. I find that although some things are a little more expensive others work out cheaper and there is much less waste. It is also a much more enjoyable way of shopping. So that you don’t turn up having sorted out your containers you need to know that the shop is closed Sunday and Monday and open from 10am the rest of the week.

Sonia Tucker