If you have just lost a loved one, please accept our condolences.  The first days after a death are always confusing and there is always a lot to do.  If you would like the funeral to take place at one of our parish churches, then please tell the funeral director of your wishes when you meet with them.  Revd. Lee Mullen would be very willing to talk with a family member about the procedure for arranging a funeral, if required. 

If you would like Lee to take a service at the crematorium, then please tell the Funeral Director this when you arrange the funeral. 

If you would like a loved one’s cremated remains interred in one of our churchyards, then please tell the Funeral Director of your wishes, and it can be arranged.  All our churchyards have space for the burial of cremated remains. 

If you wish to erect a plaque or memorial stone in one of our churchyards in memory of your loved one, then please be in touch with your stone mason, who has all the information you will need regarding this.  Permission is required before erecting a suitable stone in one of our churchyards and the stone mason has all the necessary forms and information.

There is also information for those organising or attending a Church of England funeral at

We look forward to hearing from you.

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