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If you are thinking of getting married in one of our parish churches, then first of all, congratulations on your engagement!  We are delighted that you are thinking about having a church wedding, and seeking God’s blessing for your marriage. We really hope that all your planning and preparations go well.

If you are thinking about a church wedding, then in the first instance, please be in touch with our Rector, the Revd Lee Mullen.  He will arrange to meet with you at an early opportunity, firstly to make sure that it will be possible for you to be married in one of our parish churches.  There are certain rules surrounding who may be married in our churches, which have relaxed in recent years.  Lee will take down some details from you, formally make the booking and clarify, first of all, if the wedding can take place, and we hope it can!  He will also let you know the cost of the wedding.  If you are concerned about the cost please mention this at the time of booking as the cost of a church wedding does not have to be excessive.  She will also outline the procedure for getting married in church, explain about banns if necessary, and nearer the time there will be preparation for your marriage in church.

If you would like to know more about getting married in church, do look at the website as there is some very helpful guidance to be found there.  Also, the Church of England website at is also helpful.


If you are planning your wedding in another parish, but would like your banns of marriage to be read at one of our parish churches, because either one or both of you live in one of our parishes, then please contact Revd. Lee at the earliest opportunity.  Banns of marriage are usually read in our churches on three consecutive Sundays in the month before the wedding takes place.

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