Arrangements during the coronavirus outbreak


Our churches

In line with government and Church of England guidelines

our three churches in Creech, Ruishton and Thornfalcon

will be closed until we are told it is safe

to open them to the public again.

Those signed up to our e-newsletter will receive the daily prayer, collect and  reading via email.

If you haven’t already signed up to receive it and are interested in receiving this

newsletter, please email Yvonne at with

your permission for her to add you to the circulation list and if you know of anyone

else who would benefit from this please let us know.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York are calling for Church of England Churches to become a “different sort of church”, and we will of course do everything we can to make sure that we rise to this challenge and will still be rooted in prayer and remain here to serve others, whilst still adhering to the Governments requests to control the COVID-19 Coronavirus restrictions on public gatherings.

We are here for you 

As a community we understand the anxieties and fears that Covid-19,

the Coronavirus, is causing.

We are also aware of the difficulties of isolation.

If you would like someone just to have a chat with over the phone,

someone to pray with you over the phone,or if you are in need of

supplies we will try our very best to help.


Please do not hesitate to call us, we are waiting and looking forward to your call.

Maggie Savage— 01823 442523

Gill Underhay- 01823  444599 

Margaret Gibbins—01823 412064

Gwen Smith—01823 975301

Peter Mockford—01823 443165

Sonia Tucker—01823 443153

Donna Nicholls—07789810597 / 01823 444720 

Bob & Kay Pamplin—01823 444265 

Contacting the office

Please note that the Benefice office in Creech St. Michael is now unmanned. The office phone has been diverted, and the Administrator will be monitoring emails as usual.

If anyone has any ideas or requests for anything we can do to help people, or you have heard of people requiring a personal phone call for prayer, Gwen Smith, Peter Mockford and our Pastoral team are available. Others may need a chat, shopping being collected (click and collect is available at supermarkets), or prescriptions collected, please let me know and I can try to arrange this. No one should feel alone at this time, there are lots of people out there offering help.

The e-newsletter will be published as usual every other week, and will continue  over the coming weeks and months. 

Our Community

We would like to  continue to support the local foodbank, at this time, it is in some ways more important than ever. Supermarkets have collecting bins for donations of food at their checkouts.  Please be generous at this difficult time.

There is a community Facebook page set up for those living in Creech and nearby. Its called “Coronovirus Community help Creech, Monkton Heathfield and surrounding”. There are lots of people offering help and there is also a link on the page to a WhatsApp group that has also been set up.